About Wagyu Beef

We take pride in our wide selection of quality Wagyu beef products. All of our beef products come from our own Wagyu cattle operation. Every animal is source verified birth to the plate, as well as all natural and hormone and antibiotic free. All of our Wagyu beef products can be delivered to you within 2-3 business days, Monday through Thursday.

Our steaks are aged a minimum of 21 days to assure the utmost in tenderness and are USDA inspected.  Products are available in whole primal cuts or portioned, individually vacuum-packaged steaks. Each whole muscle product is also vacuum-packaged and trimmed to a ¼ trim.  All whole muscle cuts are considered a special order and you need to contact us at Jackman Wagyu Beef for your order.

All of our cattle are all natural, 100% hormone free, free of antibiotics, and fed completely all-vegetarian diets.  Careful breeding rations that match what these Wagyu cattle need on a daily basis, state of the art packing and fabricating methods, ensure that our beef is the best that this country has to offer.

At Jackman Wagyu Beef there are two grades to pick from to satisfy any preference and budget, Jackman American Kobe Style and Jackman Wagyu Gold.  Our highest quality products are branded Jackman American Kobe Style, the ultimate in marbling, flavor, tenderness, and juiciness.  Our Jackman Wagyu Gold contains slightly lower levels of marbling but still with all the great eating experience that Wagyu beef delivers.

Jackman American Kobe Style

KobeJackman American Kobe Style steaks are graded 8+ on the Japanese marbling chart and USDA Prime Plus.  These steaks are not just any meal; they are an experience.  Jackman American Kobe Style is a grade of beef that the most discriminating gourmet would savor.  Our Jackman American Kobe Style steaks have been described by our customers as awesome, smooth, velvety, tender, and incomparably sweet with a subtle tang of flavor that lingers on the palate like a fine wine. This is your opportunity to experience Wagyu Beef at its finest; the beef reputed to be the most succulent in the United States.

Jackman Wagyu Gold

WagyuOur Jackman Wagyu Gold steaks grade between 6 and 8 on the Japanese BMS Marbling chart.  These steaks have the same high quality standards, but due to our rigid grading system, they fall just below our Jackman American Kobe Style.  They still carry the incredible flavor, tenderness, and juiciness – but at a more affordable price.  Jackman Wagyu Gold continually beats other Branded Prime Beef programs in taste tests all over the United States.

If you are looking for the ultimate in a dining experience, or want to serve the highest quality beef available for you and your friends’ discriminating palates, then Jackman Wagyu Beef is just what you are looking for.