New partnership between Cossette Farms, Gypsum Valley Wagyu and Jackman Florida Natural Wagyu Beef

Since Mark Hoegh has joined the team as our National Marketing Director, we have partnered with Jackman Florida Natural Wagyu Beef LLC, raising American Kobe Style beef for high end restaurants in the South Florida area.

We are also expanding our own Kansas Local Raised Natural Wagyu Beef program. We cannot produce the beef fast enough. In order to keep up with this demand, we are working with an array of local cooperator farmers and ranchers to help us produce the necessary Wagyu F1 cattle needed. We are producing F1 Wagyu cattle by putting our full blood Wagyu genetics with your high quality cows to produce American Kobe Style beef as well as Wagyu High Choice and Prime beef. Contact us to find out about the exciting premiums we are offering you to be part of our team. These premiums are guaranteed and allow you to become part of one of the most exciting new high-end Wagyu beef companies that Kansas has ever seen as well as to add value to your operation.